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Martin Ejermark is the latest addition to Hydroware

Press release 23-01-26

Martin Ejermark will join Hydroware as Head of Operations, as the company continues to mobilise for its future growth. Martin is one of three recent and noteworthy additions to the Group Management in Hydroware.

Martin will be joining Hydroware from his current position as COO at Anebyhusgruppen. Over the past 20 years, and before his tenure at Anebyhusgruppen, Martin has spent time as purchasing manager at Södra and product owner at Visma. He is now looking to combine his experience in his new role as Head of Operations for the lift company in Alvesta, Sweden.

It is exciting to be coming aboard at this point in time. I am looking forward to contributing to Hydroware, with all the experience I have gathered throughout the years, now as the company is gearing up to continue its growth.

Martin Ejermark

The production of Hydroware’s market leading product for modernisation of hydraulic lifts, HydroElite, takes place in the factory in Alvesta. The company’s CEO Per Elgborn, believes that Martin will be a valuable addition as the company is looking to launch its first product in the field of traction lifts, the TractionElite.

When Martin starts his position at Hydroware, I believe we will have one more piece of the puzzle in place to successfully launch the TractionElite. We have had the pleasure to recently announce three new key players for Hydroware, and my feeling is that we have put ourselves in a great position to fulfil our business plan for the coming years.

Per Elgborn, CEO Hydroware

The other week, Hydroware announced that Per Brandstedt will be joining the company this year as CFO and Styrbjörn Andrén started his role as Head of Products and Learning, in January. 

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