Die HydroElite Experience

Our delivery times are hard to beat. Here’s why

From order to delivery, and during the whole lifespan of the lift, we give our very best for our partners and customers; we are a reliable partner. When it comes to delivery times, we always aim for number one – we deliver in 5 weeks standard, and 10 days express. The whole Hydroware team puts a lot of effort into maintaining our outstanding delivery times because we all know how important this is.

“A lot of people are surprised over the fact that we can produce, test and deliver our lifts in such a short time, says Morgan Nilsson, Back Office Manager. “Our delivery times are hard to beat, and we’ve been able to maintain them for years, despite the tough situation on the market.”

At the very beginning, Hydroware’s founder had the vision to produce both the control system and the drive unit under one roof. Thus, Hydroware has developed its own product and we all have gained expertise over the years and throughout the entire production process. Up to the present days, this of great value for us – and for our customers. As we produce our own product from A to Z, we are not as influenced by external factors as others might be. The whole project organisation and the entire process from order to delivery is handled internally and runs quickly and smoothly, without detours.

Updated stock and inventory

The availability of material is one of our strengths. We make sure to always have a big stock available, and if components get more difficult to access due to the market situation, our purchasing team immediately makes sure we find alternative solutions. Therefore, we hardly ever run out of material, and we can minimize the production time.

Last, but not least: we work as one team and we run the extra mile for our customers. Whatever the challenge, we work together, help each other out and never stop looking for optimisations and solutions until we find the best one.